How We Protect

As fraud in the advertising industry becomes more sophisticated, you want to make sure you have the right partner in your corner. Our emphasis on open communication and any-time support means that you’ll be more than prepared for the bad actors out there.

Our Approach

Fraud doesn’t rest, so neither do we. At adMobo, we continuously analyze traffic data, ensuring our partners get the quality and consistency that our solutions offer, as well as our personal commitment to exceeding industry standards.

Your Human / Tech Shield

Just like the solutions we offer, our approach to combating fraud combines people and product. Our tech automatically tracks and reports suspicious traffic, but we always maintain a dedicated human touch to ensure compliance.


Click to Install Time

We collect time-to-install data using factors like app category, market and demographics. anonymous devices.

Bot Traffic

We monitor all traffic to protect against click spamming, click injection, and fake installs.

Device Type/Names

We can catch high repetitions in device names and high frequencies of low-cost devices.

Payout Manipulation

Building trust with developers means we have access to disclosed payouts.

Expired App Installs

We keep an eye on the share of installed apps not available in download stores.

Out of Geo Installs

We track clicks from outside your target geos and flag those installs.